MODULE ONE: Identifying Biases & Cultural Misunderstandings as Potential Barriers for Diverse Applicants – online training

Integrating Diversity into Employment Interviewing


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Product Description

Purchase all 3 Integrating Diversity Into Employment Interviewing online training modules for the price of 2. Use coupon code “3for2” (without quotes).  Bring this training in-house as a facilitated blended training workshop with our Train-the-Trainer program. For more information, contact or call 651-983-4489. 

This online training focuses on diversity in the employment interview process―the critical point that determines whether diverse applicants are brought into an organization or kept out.  MODULE ONE, of this three-module course, lays the groundwork for the course, identifies bias by providing numerous examples of how bias appears in job interviews, and offers methods to eliminate bias and lift barriers for diverse applicants.


Hiring managers, interviewers, recruiters, and other employees involved in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process.


  • Self-paced, on-line training course.
  • Approximately 1 hour to complete and has four lessons.
  • Includes videos and quotes of diverse applicants’ perspectives, including race/ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age and size. These are real people from Lila Kelly’s research and experience, not actors using a script or fabricated quotes.
  • Interactive activities and quizzes keep the learner engaged throughout the training.



Lesson 1: Identifying Bias in the Interview Process

  • Part A. Definition of Bias
  • Part B. Research on Bias in Employment Interviewing
  • Part C. Culture and Personal Bias
  • Part D. Interviewers’ Hidden Bias

Lesson 2: Moving Bias to a Conscious Level

  • Part A. Revealing Hidden Bias
  • Part B. Cultural Misunderstandings and Bias from Racial/Ethnic Perspectives
  • Part C. Other Diverse Perspectives

Lesson 3:  Eliminating Bias on the Interview Team

  • Part A. Inconsistencies within Interview Teams
  • Part B. Exposing Systemic Bias in an Interview Team and Hiring Process
  • Part C. Methods for Eliminating Bias and Developing an Inclusive Interview Team

Lesson 4: Lifting Barriers for Diverse Applicants Caused by Cultural Misunderstandings and Bias

  • Parts A-C: Potential Barriers Related to:
    • Part A. Qualified Diverse Applicants Being Overlooked
    • Part B. Qualified Diverse Applicants Rejecting the Job Offer
    • Part C. Disability and Sexual Orientation / Identity
  • Part D. Methods to Lift Barriers for Diverse Applicants



Lesson 2: Moving Bias to a Conscious Level

Part A: Revealing Hidden Bias


In the below video, while attempting to compliment the applicant, the interviewer revealed a biased assumption about the applicant’s ability to speak English.

Lesson 4: Lifting Barriers for Diverse Applicants Caused by Cultural Misunderstandings and Bias

Part A: Potential Barrier: Qualified Diverse Applicants Being Overlooked


Learn more about potential barriers for diverse applicants in Lesson 4.

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