Diversity Interviewing: MOVING BIAS TO A CONSCIOUS LEVEL – eBook

Diversity Interviewing series


Product Description

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This book in the Diversity Interviewing Series is for recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers and reveals biases that may otherwise be hidden during the interview process.

It provides a unique approach to integrate diversity into the interview process by including:

  • The opportunity for interviewers to “see through the eyes” of diverse applicants.
  • Examples of hidden bias are provided through quotes of ethnically diverse perspectives gathered from the author’s firsthand research and experience, not actors role playing or fabricated quotes.
  • Activities and a quiz to enhance learning.


PART A: Revealing Hidden Bias
PART B: Examples of Interviewers’ Hidden Bias
PART C: Cultural Misunderstandings and Bias from Racial/Ethnic Perspectives

This eBook includes content from Lessons 1 and 2 of the longer Module One online training course on Integrating Diversity into Employment Interviewing.

See link below for the online training by the same title.

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