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This book in the Diversity Interviewing Series is for hiring managers and interviewers who want to be more inclusive with their interview questions and style in asking them.

It provides a unique approach to integrate diversity into the interview process by including:

  • The opportunity for interviewers to “see through the eyes” of diverse applicants.
  • Ethnically diverse applicants’ perspectives, including American Indian, Latino, African American, and Asian American.
  • Quotes, videos and examples from real people and situations gathered from the author’s firsthand research and experience, not actors role playing or fabricated quotes. Individuals’ identifying information, however, has been changed.

It contains:

  • Commonly asked interview questions, interviewers’ expected responses, and reasons these questions might be difficult for diverse applicants to answer.
  • Alternative approaches to ask these questions in an inclusive manner to obtain needed information from all applicants.
  • A case study of structured and inclusive interview questions.
  • Activities and a quiz to enhance learning.


PART A. Interviewers’ Expected Responses and Diverse Perspectives on Commonly Asked Interview Questions
PART B. Development of Structured and Inclusive Interview Questions
PART C. Methods for Structured and Inclusive Interviewing

This eBook includes mainly Lesson 8 of the longer Module Two online training course on Integrating Diversity into Employment Interviewing, with some additional content related to developing and asking inclusive interview questions.

See link below for the online training by the same title.


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