I attended the Diversity in Hiring Workshop on March 16, 2017.  The participants were wonderful, insightful, thoughtful and informative. The discussions were lively, thought-provoking, and timely.  The information I received was inspiring as I get to see how hidden biases could be lurking in my interviewing performances.  I was also able to learn from the modules to see how the applicant can sometime feel, which gave me a greater appreciation and more empathy.

I would attend other seminars that are able to teach and open my eyes.  It was a great day and I enjoyed it very much from the hot and hearty breakfast to the gourmet lunch, I had an enjoyable and eye opening experience!

―Tassa Nelson, Human Resources Generalist, CommonBond Communities, St. Paul, MN


I really appreciated the way the training is organized. The online training gives those attending an opportunity to gain insights on the training prior to the actual workshop. This gave me the opportunity to be ready “At the Word Go” to engage in meaningful dialogue with other workshop attendees. I also connected with the individual testimonials in the online training from real people, not actors, who are facing the issues that I feel are important to me.

The training is not only designed to highlight the issues we face, but also give you solutions to the issues, and develop action steps at the end on how to move forward. It’s designed to provide a 360 degree solution to the issues we face. Thanks to the training, I feel better prepared to do the work I need to do.

―Mitch Cooper, Human Relations Manager


Integrating Diversity into Employment Interviewing

“Excellent training! It helped me to understand more fully what is required for more inclusive interviewing…so we are getting the best talent for the role. This is a very practical, hands on approach to a difficult topic. We often are not aware of our biases and interview others the same way we were interviewed. That may not be the best approach. It is important to update our interviewing skills to include all applicants and ensure we are learning about their skill sets and contributions in an interview, not how well they can ‘beat’ the standard interview process. This is an excellent way to develop awareness, adopt new skills, and create a more inclusive interviewing process within the organization. I highly recommend this program to others.”

―Amy Tolbert, Principal, ECCO International


“What I really liked about Module Two was that there was specific language that I could use with my HR staff to discuss how to ask interview questions. A lot of my supervisors don’t want to admit that they may not be prepared for an interview with a protected class candidate; they don’t want to look ignorant in front of their colleagues. Having the information be presented in an online format allows them to learn despite feeling vulnerable about their lack of knowledge. The videos of diverse candidates have been really helpful. Candidates brought up solutions to interview and on-boarding situations that I never thought of before. I would recommend this to others as a quality part of professional development for supervisors and HR professionals.”

―Tirzah McPherson, Inclusion Administrator, County Government


“I was expecting this training to be more ‘fluff’ and not get into the real nuts and bolts of the topic. However, my expectations were far exceeded with this excellent program. The strength of this online training is that Lila Kelly has researched diversity and how it shows up in job interviews and impacts work performance. Since her training is based on individuals’ experiences, the examples feel real and not some made-up possibilities. There are many practical and applicable gems in this training, along with quizzes that help make it a challenge and offer a chance to review one’s learning. It is a topic that is very important for interviewers.”

―Gwen, Administrator, University of Minnesota


“Being a recruiter, a diversity class facilitator, and a trainer for behavioral based interviewing, I found your online training to be all-inclusive. I found it to be very interesting and helpful―you certainly didn’t miss anything!”

―Roni, Senior Recruiter, Metro Banking, Minneapolis, MN


“I have participated in other online training programs and found this one to be superior to the others in more than one way. First, the training was more interesting and engaging. The short video clips enhanced the learning through real-life experiences of people who were interviewed. Second, the training was well-organized, with modules and sub-sections that made practical sense. Third, I appreciated your use of scenarios giving examples of hiring managers and applicants in situations that helped illustrate the learning concepts. It caused me to think more deeply about the many facets of culturally diverse interviewing and caused me to be more open to the techniques that were taught later in the course. I would recommend this course to any HR practitioner, hiring manager, and everyone else who conducts interviews in the course of their work.”

―Maxine, HR Consultant, Employers Association, Inc., Minneapolis, MN


“I thought your online training was great. I can see us utilizing this as a training tool for managers and supervisors who conduct their own interviewing. I really liked your approach―how you started with information and then moved on to provide information on how to re-phrase interview questions to be more inclusive, and then you ended with action steps for the individual and organization. In addition to the structure of your training, I liked the critical thinking questions. They really helped me evaluate my own interviewing skills, the people who should be included in interviews, the interview questions, and the things my organization can do to highlight our respect for diversity. I hope that I can work with you again in the future.”

―Pang, Associate Human Resources Representative, Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, MN


Integrate Diversity into Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring

“Recruitment, interviewing, hiring – this is one place to go to learn all the fundamentals on these three important functions. And better yet, the ins and outs of diversity/inclusion are woven throughout this practical material. A variety of quotes and quizzes help make this book an excellent training guide to build cultural competencies for talent acquisition. I am pleased to see that Lila Kelly has called on her 20 years experience to create material to fill a gap in available resources on this topic. From cultural competencies to overcoming bias to interviewing skills, Ms. Kelly’s book is a valuable resource that no one involved in the recruitment, diversity, EEO/AA compliance, or HR functions can afford to pass up.”

―Sondra Theiderman, Ph.D., Speaker, Trainer, Author, Bias Reduction and Workplace Inclusion


“Your book is great…research- based, flows well, and interesting. You have revealed what is missing in hiring quality people…the interview process and understanding barriers (known and unknown). I learned a lot from the first chapter! Thank you for all of your hard work and research over the years and your willingness to share with our district.”

―Dr. Linda Hopper, Assistant Superintendent, Cleveland County Schools, NC


Diversity Recruiting & Resource Directory

“My Inclusiveness Committee went through the directory and checked out websites. Your book has valuable information for people wanting to recruit and retain diverse staff. It also has some good resources for procuring speakers for workshops. Thanks so much for writing this book! It will be so helpful to many of us.”

―Marna Dahlgren, Staffing Coordinator, Anoka Hennepin School District, Community Education Department


Employment Interviewing: Diverse Applicants Speak Out (three-book series)

“This book is an invaluable resource for the Medtronic A.B.L.E.D. Employee Resource Group mentoring program. The case vignettes illustrate scenarios which may serve to sensitize an inexperienced interviewer or applicant. What a great contribution to the field of human resources!”

―Dayna L. Wolfe, M.D., Medtronic, Inc., A.B.L.E.D. Employee Resource Group Steering Committee Co-Chair


“Great eye-openers! Lila Kelly’s books are unique in that they provide literal examples of interview situations that impact applicants in ways supervisors may not have ever considered. In addition, the information in her books is valuable when onboarding new hiring supervisors and managers.”

―Jennifer S. Evans-Hall, PHR, Staffing Manager, HR Department



Additional testimonials for Lila Kelly Associates, LLC.