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As the baby boomers continue to leave the workforce, today’s applicant pool looks very different than it did in the past. Applicants include people of color and women (75% of new entrants to the workforce), people with disabilities, people who are openly LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender), and people who span over four (soon to be five) generations of U.S. workers. DiversityIntegration.com and Lila Kelly Associates, LLC help organizations manage the challelnges of a changing workforce.

Diversity Integration was started by Lila Kelly, of Lila Kelly Associates, LLC, in 2015 and is a collection of tools that help organizations strategically identify, manage, and eliminate bias and cultural misunderstanding that create barriers for diverse applicants. These tools include online training programs, books, blended training workshops and train-the-trainer programs. These tools are instrumental in building individual and organizational cultural competencies for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and retaining a highly qualified and diverse workforce.

Lila Kelly Associates, LLC was founded in 1992 and has consulted and trained with government, K-12 education, healthcare, nonprofit and corporate organizations across the country. We offer diversity and human resources consulting, including organizational assessment and diversity action planning, blended training workshops, and train-the-trainer programs to customize training to your organization’s needs. We are a CERT, SBE and WBE certified business in Minnesota. See more information here.


About Lila Kelly

Picture0012Lila, Principal of Lila Kelly Associates, LLC, is a consultant, trainer and author who works to bridge the gap between employers and an increasingly diverse applicant pool. Her work guides organizations through the complex and often cloudy challenges of recruiting, interviewing and hiring a diverse workforce in a global economy.

Lila’s unique perspective on social inequities in the employment hiring process stems from her combined background in human resources (recruiter, HR director, hiring manager), diversity and inclusion (consultant, researcher, college instructor, trainer), and career transition (consultant, trainer, coach). This background allowed Lila to integrate the perspectives of both interviewers and diverse job applicants into her work.

Research and “the missing link:” Lila recognized that there was a gap in the information and resources available to help employers address the rapidly growing need to integrate diversity into the hiring process. After observing good applicants fall through the cracks numerous times, particularly diverse applicants, Lila realized that there was a missing link in the on-going topic of “recruitment and retention.” That missing link was the interview process―where interviewers and applicants spent time together and decisions were made.

With her research mainly focused on diverse job applicants, Lila discovered insights into diverse applicants’ experiences with bias and cultural misunderstandings that could be helpful to employers. In 1999, she completed her research on this topic as part of her M.A. degree in Human Development. Since completing her research, Lila has been integrating her research with her work experience and developing this material into training workshops, books and online training courses.

Lila’s online training and books are educational and practical, including both cultural competencies and the technicalities of interviewing and hiring. They present a unique approach that allows recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers to see through the eyes of diverse applicants―including racial/ethnic, gay/lesbian/transgender, disabilities, and size perspectives. It includes quotes and videos of real people sharing their experiences and suggestions for creating a more inclusive hiring process.

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